Action News Now - Shop Local for the Holidays

November 28, 2017 By: Cyrus Fountain

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Want to support local businesses? Check out our "Shop Local for the Holidays" segment with Action News Now! Much appreciation and respect for Action News Now for covering the local businesses that invest in our local economy and make our community unique.  Andrew Sohnrey had a blast doing this piece! We are absolutely thrilled to be featured as a local shopping destination. We feel we can...

Untamed Bakeshop in Chico, CA Uses Sohnrey Family Almonds

November 07, 2017 By: Cyrus Fountain

We are pleased to announce that Untamed Bakeshop in Chico, CA is using our family farm almonds in their artisan baked goods. Visit the the Untamed Bakeshop website or check out the Untamed Bakeshop Facebook page to learn more about the delicious products they craft from local ingredients from local farmers, such as our whole natural almonds from the Sohnrey Farm. They are taking holiday orders now for special Thanksgiving items...

Almonds, Burgers and Beer - Chico News & Review

November 04, 2016 By: Cyrus Fountain

The Chico News & Review highlights the Sohnrey Family Foods gift shop and the local products we feature. The opinion piece is titled Almonds, Burgers and Beers: A trip to Sohnrey Family Foods; Durham’s got a new lunch truck; and guess who’s serving beer? and in it, author Meredith Cooper offers praise for our Balsamic Herb Almonds and Snickerdoodle Almond Butter. Thanks to the CN&R and author Meredith Cooper for reviewing new...

AG Companies Take to the Sky to Help Crops on the Ground - Action News Now

October 19, 2016 By: Cyrus Fountain

Action News Now reports on agricultural companies and farms using drones to efficiently analyze critical issues for farming operations. AG 1 Solutions drone operator Scott Gregory is interviewed at the Sohnrey Family farm and discusses how farmers, such as the Sohnrey Family, are now using drones to spot when crops need water or to pinpoint exactly where certain pests outbreaks are occurring; thus enabling farmers to accurately and efficiently use...

New Family joins the Sierra Oro Farm Trail - Action News Now

September 29, 2016 By: Cyrus Fountain

Action News Now came out to the Sohnrey Family Foods Gift Shop off of HWY 99  to do a news piece highlighting our new family farm and food venture joining the Sierra Oro Farm Trail for 2016. Thanks to Action News Now for spotlighting local agriculture, local business, and the fantastic Sierra Oro Farm Trail! To watch the video or read the news piece visit the Action News Now website....

Harvest Time Comes Early for North State Almond Farmers - Almond Board of California

August 01, 2016 By: Cyrus Fountain

Action News Now asks Sohnrey Farm manager and Sohnrey Family Foods co-owner Andrew Sohnrey about the 2016 almond harvest outlook. The piece titled Harvest Time Comes Early for North State Almond Farmers reports on the potentially early harvest time for Northern California almond farmers. Read the entire news piece at the Action News Now website. This news piece was featured on the Almond Board of California Newsroom website.