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New Product: Sohnrey Family Calrose Rice

Sohnrey Family Foods Calrose Rice

We are very pleased to now offer rice in retail packaging! This product is packaged in resealable and durable stand-up pouches. Try our premium, medium grain rice! Find it on the Products page. 

Our rice is medium grain Calrose and it is considered a premium grade sushi rice grown right here in Northern California.

The package contains 1.75 lbs of rice which is approximately four cups. As many of you home cooks may realize, the
 four cup size makes it very convenient for use at home since we generally steam one or two cups of rice at a time.

Steamed rice is very easy to make and it is a very versatile side dish that pairs perfectly with virtually any meat or vegetable. Rice is also great in various salads, soups, and other dishes.

Check out our recent recipe blog for a delicious Rice Salad with Prunes, Almonds and Bacon!

The durable, resealable pouch helps keep the product fresh. The pouch can easily be reused and stored away in the cupboard or freezer. Buy from a family farm and try our rice today!   

Buy Local at Downtown Chico Thursday Night Markets

Downtown Chico Thursday Night Market

Sohnrey Family Foods is proud to have participated for the first time in the Downtown Chico Thursday Night Market. We were there for the season opener on April 7th. We had a great time meeting new folks and spreading the word about our delicious almonds!

We truly appreciate all the people that visited our table and tried our snack almonds. The response from people was great and we plan on expanding the size of our setup for future markets. We will have our new pop-up tent with lighting for our booth and more almond products.  

Our family is super excited for the rest of the Thursday Night Market season! We look forward to meeting more great people, gaining valuable community exposure for our new business and our almonds. Of course we also hope to sell more roasted and seasoned almonds!

Have you tried our Curry Almonds, our Smokey Jalapeno Almonds, or our Wasabi Almonds? How about our bestseller, Maple Bacon Almonds? Stop by our booth for free samples of all of our snack almonds. 

Chico Thursday Night Markets are every week through September. The next one is April 14th--tonight! Check out the Downtown Chico Business Association website for more information and be sure to check out the Thursday Night Market Facebook page. 

We hope to see you at the market!

What: Downtown Chico Thursday Night Market

Where: Downtown Chico  (Open to the public) Click here for a map

When: April 7 – September 29 from 6:00pm - 9 00pm

Phone: 530-345-6500

Introducing Knaughty Farms Olive Oil: "The Only Virgin You Need in the Kitchen"

Knaughty Farms Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Got Arbequina?

Thanks to our cousins Adam and Jackie Kennedy, the owners of Knaughty Farms, we've got the freshest possible, pure extra virgin arbequina olive oil. Prized for its mild, buttery and fruity flavor characteristics, arbequina is one of the most sought after varietals of California olive oil.

Arbequina is a variety of olive that is small, somewhat aromatic, and densely packed with oil. This variety is mostly grown specifically for oil production. Extra virgin arbequina olive oil is often described as very fresh, buttery, and fruity. You may taste subtle flavor notes that remind you of tropical fruit and artichoke hearts.

California Arbequina Olive Harvest

If you haven't tasted the difference between the imported stuff in plastic bottles on the shelf at a supermarket and premium, extra virgin California olive oil then you owe it to yourself to taste what you've been missing! 

COOC Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Sohnrey Family Foods

Knaughty Farms Arbequina Extra Virgin is California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Certified Extra Virgin olive oil, so you can be sure you are getting the real deal. Nothing but fresh and unadulterated California extra virgin olive oil in every bottle. Find it here on our website or in our gift shop.

Knaughty Farms Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil - "The only virgin you need in the kitchen.

Learn more about our cousins at Knaughty Farms and find out where to buy their olive oil, check out their website and look for them on Facebook:

Solar Powered Nuts

What do our almond trees and our food manufacturing facility have in common (besides the nuts)? They're both solar powered!

That's right folks, our beautiful almond trees are grown with sunshine and our delicious almond snacks are produced with solar energy! We are excited to be one of the few family farms and small businesses to implement renewable energy projects. This decision is both good for the environment and for our business.

Elite Solar of Chico, CA has helped us construct two solar panel projects that are both situated on our farm. These two large sets of solar panels will provide up to 90% of the power needed for the Sohnrey Farm, for the Sohnrey Family Foods manufacturing facility, and for our retail gift shop.

Using renewable energy is one big step that our business is taking to foster sustainable practices and manufacturing efficiency. From our farm to your table, go green with us!

Pictured Above: One of the two solar panel projects on our ranch. This one is situated near our food manufacturing facility and gift shop. 

We're Going Nuts at Our New Facility!

We're going nuts! Literally! The finishing touches are being put into the building for our new almond processing facility. We're very excited and as we progress we would like to share updates.

We look forward to bringing our new and delicious products to market. There's something for everyone in our new and upcoming line of roasted almond flavors, including: Maple Bacon, Mesquite Smoked, Balsamic Herb, Wasabi Soy, Curry and Chili Lime!

We will be finishing our building, updating our website, gearing up for production, and keeping you posted! Thank you so much for your support over the past year!  We are excited for many more years to come!  

Sohnrey Family Foods Gift Shop Opening Soon

Our new facility is located off of Hwy 99 at 41 Skillin Lane Oroville, Ca 95965.  We will have a gift shop with our products and other great local products!  We will also keep our Facebook updated with our progress so make sure to check it out!