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Sohnrey Signature Basket

$ 99.99 
SKU: GB-004

Our Deluxe Signature Basket is a cornucopia of delicious foods produced on the Sohnrey Family farmlands. Give the gift of a bountiful harvest to your family from ours with this big, lovely basket featuring the following Sohnrey Family Foods signature products:

    • 16 oz Natural Almond Butter 
    • 1 lb Honey 
    • Sohnrey Family Calrose Medium Grain Rice
    • 12 oz Walnuts 
    • 16 oz Whole Natural Almonds 
    • 4 oz Lemon Creme Candied Almonds 
    • 4 oz Milk Chocolate Candied Almonds 
    • Two 6 oz Seasoned Almonds

Gift Basket/Box Policy:

Each basket/box is hand-packed, wrapped, and decorated (using seasonal colors)--so the look of each basket/box or ribbon may vary.

All gift basket and box pricing include a fee for materials and assembly, as well as special shipping/handling requirements. Substitutions for contents may be made ONLY between flavors of the same product (e.g. peach jam instead of strawberry jam), based on AVAILABILITY,  and MUST be included in special instructions at checkout.

** We reserve the right to swap a similar product of equal or greater value if we are out of stock on a particular item.

All glass products may be wrapped in protective wrapping to help prevent breakage.

The basket or box itself may be slightly different than shown in the picture but will be in like kind.

**HOT WEATHER AND CHOCOLATES SHIPPING WARNING** -- This basket contains chocolate product and when the temperature is over 70 degrees there is a risk of chocolate melting. We recommend you purchase our Hot Weather Shipping Add-On that includes insulated bubble-wrap and ice packs to help reduce the risk of your chocolates melting. When temperatures are over 90 degrees chocolates may melt even with ice packs, so we also recommend purchasing express 1-Day or Overnight shipping. All orders with chocolates or meltable products placed on a Thursday or Friday will be held over the weekend to be shipped on Monday to reduce the risk of chocolates melting if a package sits in a shipping warehouse over a weekend. During extreme heat weather we may hold an order overnight to freeze products prior to shipping.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Bridget Quiroz

So many wonderful items. I think the honey and almond butter are my favorite!

Kim Morgan

Recipient loved gift!

Michael Russell

The products are "At". The website not user friendly. Notification of delivery of product not user friendly. Again, the products are 5 star.

Jay Stuesser

Super friendly, fast easy great product

Robin Lloyd

Beautifully prepared basket, QUALITY foodstuffs, great choices. Thank you!