Almond Crunch Cookies With White Chocolate Chips

Our friend Jenny Dewey Rohrich knows farming and she knows how to make amazing cookies too! Jenny grew up with our family in Durham, California virtually surrounded by almond orchards. Jenny now resides in North Dakota, but she still goes nuts for the California Almonds she grew up with!

With all these almond orchards around home cooks like Jenny want to have some tasty recipes to utilize the bountiful harvests of nuts. Courtesy of Jenny's fabulous farm blog, Prairie Californian, we have a unique cookie recipe that pairs both almond butter and natural raw almonds with smooth white chocolate. These cookies really are something special. Stock up on Sohnrey Family Foods Whole Natural  Almonds and give these mouth watering cookies a try!

Jenny is a long time family friend, home cook, blogger, photographer, vocal supporter of farmers, and so much more. Get some Sohnrey Family almonds, make some Almond Crunch Cookies, and read her fantastic blog at