Artisanal Gourmet Chocolate Bars by Ticket Chocolate

Ticket Chocolate

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**HOT WEATHER AND CHOCOLATES SHIPPING WARNING** -- This is a chocolate product and when the temperature is over 70 degrees there is a risk of chocolate melting. We recommend you purchase our Hot Weather Shipping Add-On that includes insulated bubble-wrap and ice packs to help reduce the risk of your chocolates melting. When temperatures are over 90 degrees chocolates may melt even with ice packs, so we also recommend purchasing express 1-Day or Overnight shipping. All orders with chocolates or meltable products placed on a Thursday or Friday will be held over the weekend to be shipped on Monday to reduce the risk of chocolates melting if a package sits in a shipping warehouse over a weekend. During extreme heat weather we may hold an order overnight to freeze products prior to shipping.


Each beloved bar is a tribute to a food adored by Ticket Chocolate, a dish that has meant something big in their lives. Hand-crafted and made in small batches, using only the finest chocolate, fresh inclusions, and natural flavoring. Simple, fresh and all natural.

  • Grasshopper Pie Bar - Crunchy dark chocolate cookies in minty creamy milk chocolate (and no grasshopper pieces). Crafted in tribute to the dinner hostess of the 1950s, who made this creamy minty pie all the rage.
  • Mom's Apple Pie Bar - Plump apple pieces, buttery crust, and traditional apple pie spices all surrounded by creamy couverture white chocolate. White chocolate evoking the vanilla ice cream that tops Mom’s pies to peerless perfection!
  • Strawberry Chiffon Bar - Creamy, fruity, luscious mixture and we’re right back at Grandma’s house, seated at the kids’ table. Made with couverture ruby chocolate.