Mary Lake-Thompson Bicycle & Beehive Canvas Tote

Mary Lake-Thompson

$ 11.99 

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Looking for something beautiful and reusable to create your next gift bag in? Try our Sohnrey Family Foods branded totes! The canvas material is very durable so this bag can be reused over and over. The art and design will keep you very fashionable when shopping at farmers markets and grocery stores.

This particular tote features a lovely black town bicycle and beekeeper design. Invoking the feeling of the countryside and a passion for our little buzzing friends the honeybees--so crucial to our farms! The crate on the front features the slogan, "Save the Bees".

These totes are the design of our friends at the Mary Lake-Thompson company out of Oroville, CA. We love partnering with local companies to bring great products like this into our gift shop!