Blanched Almond Flour by Fresh Vintage Farms

Fresh Vintage Farms

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Whether you have Celiacs, or just want to be conscious of the foods you put in your body, Fresh Vintage Farms Blanched Almond Flour won’t have your taste buds complaining about your step towards better health. And don’t forget the BIG difference between “Almond Meal” and “Almond Flour” - if you’ve ever tried Almond “Meal” in the past you’ll recall it’s gritty texture and the headaches it gives you in the kitchen. Our Blanched Almond “Flour” is incredibly Ultra Fine and has no problem replacing wheat flour. Made with 100% California Grown Almonds that are are Sustainably Farmed, Non GMO, Gluten Free and packed in a Peanut Free Facility.

Fresh Vintage Farms Almond Flour, Blanched, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Extra Fine, Sustainably Farmed, Keto Friendly, California Grown, 16 oz bag