BrannenGourmet Sweet Habanero Paradise Pepper Sauce (10.5 oz)

Brannen Gourmet

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Our local friends at BrannenGourmet have an excellent lineup of unique, sweet and spicy sauces. The BrannenGourmet line of Paradise Pepper Sauces feature different fruits and peppers. Each unique sauce has its own blend of rich, complex flavors and levels of heat. Try them all and find your new favorite glaze!  

From the Manufacturer:

Sweet Habañero Paradise Pepper Sauce™ by BrannenGourmet. Bold, sweet and hot, a savory masterpiece of yellow California bell peppers, Blenheim apricots and a lively jolt of habañero. With 4X the heat of the Original Paradise Pepper Sauce, our Sweet Habañero sauce redefines hot pepper jelly and adds a robust punch when poured over your favorite dishes, melted as a glaze or served as a zesty dipping sauce. Enjoy each Paradise Pepper Sauce variety–Original, Spicy Cranberry, Sweet Habañero and Angry CranCot–they truly are the closest thing to heaven in a jar.