BrannenGourmet Spicy Cranberry BBQ Sauce (16 oz)

Brannen Gourmet

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Our local friends at BrannenGourmet have an excellent lineup of unique, sweet and spicy sauces. Each of the BrannenGourmet barbecue sauces are made with different types of Sierra Nevada Brewery ales and mustards. Try them all and find your next favorite grilling sauce!

From the Manufacturer:

"BrannenGourmet’s Spicy Cranberry B-B-Q Sauce combines the sweet, tangy zest of our Spicy Cranberry Paradise Pepper Sauce™ with the bold aromas of Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Extra IPA and Pale Ale Mustard to infuse a delicious, fruity flavor in pulled pork, roast beef or wild game. Wonderful slathered over ribs! Perfect for holiday cooking and year-around."