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Sohnrey Family Foods California Snackin

$ 55.00 

These Golden State snacks will get you through any road trip! This Cali basket contains Lundberg Chips, Sunsweet Apricots, Inhale BBQ seeds, Dardimans California Fruit Crisps, Sohnrey Family Foods Roasted Seasoned Almonds, Sohnrey Family Foods Roasted Salted Pistachios, Chocolate Espresso Beans, and a 12-pack of honey straws.

Basket Contains:

  • Sohnrey Family Foods 1.5oz Roasted Garlic Snack Bag
  • Sohnrey Family Foods 2oz Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans 
  • Sohnrey Family Foods 12-Pack of Honey Straws
  • Sohnrey Family Foods 3oz Salted Pistachios
  • Sunsweet Dried Apricots
  • Lundberg 1.5oz Fiesta Lime Rice Chips
  • Dardimans California Crisps Orange Slices
  • Inhale Smoked Sunflower Seeds Classic BBQ

Gift Basket/Box Policy:

Each basket/box is hand-packed, wrapped, and decorated (using seasonal colors)--so the look of each basket/box or ribbon may vary.

All gift basket and box pricing include a fee for materials and assembly, as well as special shipping/handling requirements. Substitutions for contents may be made ONLY between flavors of the same product (e.g. peach jam instead of strawberry jam) and MUST be included in special instructions at checkout.

** We reserve the right to swap a similar product of equal or greater value if we are out of stock on a particular item.

All glass products may be wrapped in protective wrapping to help prevent breakage.

The basket or box itself may be slightly different than shown in the picture but will be in like kind.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Mosca (Augusta, ME)

Ashley and Amy are excellent