Chico Pops Chico Style Cheesy Kettle Corn (3 oz)

Chico Pops

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Two words: "Popcorn Genius".

Our friends at Chico Pops are making mouthwatering magic with Chico Style Cheesy Kettle Blend. Maybe you've had Chicago style popcorn before, but Chico Style is on a whole other level. To put it simply, this is gourmet sweet kettle corn coated in savory cheesy seasonings. You've got to taste it to believe it. Snag a bag for your next movie and upgrade your popcorn game.

Tips for Serious Snackers:

  • Snack Pairing: Jalapeno Smokehouse for a complimentary spicy, smokey crunch.
  • Drink Pairing: Something cold, crisp, and bubbly.
  • For the complete experience, finger licking is required.

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