KiKi's Cupboard Korintje Cinnamon

KiKi's Cupboard

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KiKi's Cupboard Korintje Supreme Cinnamon is high quality cinnamon with high volatile oil (VO) content. The volatile oils found in cinnamon are what give off the spicy aromatic scent and flavor that we all love. Use KiKi's Supreme Cinnamon in all your favorite baked goods and recipes.

Kiki's Cupboard is a Northern California brand created by the Sohnrey Family and inspired by Grandma Caralee Sohnrey's kitchen cupboard. Her love of cooking for our family helped inspire the new generation of home cooks that created the seasoned almonds and almond butters for Sohnrey Family Foods. We source and package premium spices, blends and mixes to fill your cupboard and inspire your cooking!