KiKi's Cupboard Jalapeno Chili Powder

KiKi's Cupboard

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KiKi's Cupboard Jalapeno Chili Powder is all natural; made from dried and ground  Jalapeno chili peppers. Jalapenos can range in heat from medium to hot. This is a mean green chili powder that is medium-hot with earthy flavor.

Perfect for spicing up your cheese and macaroni! Adds spicy heat and depth of flavor to dry rubs! Mix it with mayo for an awesome burger spread! Sprinkle it on popcorn for some extra pop! Make amazing taco seasoning! Create brightly flavored homemade hot sauce and spicy nacho cheese sauce!

Is your salsa not hot enough? Just add a teaspoon of KiKi's Cupboard Jalapeno Chili Powder! Looking for something fancy to top your grilled steaks with? Blend it with butter and cilantro in a food processor, roll it into plastic wrap, and toss it in the freezer for a few minutes to create easy jalapeno compound butter! The possibilities are endless!

Kiki's Cupboard is a Northern California brand created by the Sohnrey Family and inspired by Grandma Caralee Sohnrey's kitchen cupboard. Her love of cooking for our family helped inspire the new generation of home cooks that created the seasoned almonds and almond butters for Sohnrey Family Foods. We source and package premium spices, blends and mixes to fill your cupboard and inspire your cooking!