Knaughty Farms Olive Oil Brownies

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil, it's Not Just for Salad Dressings 

This brownie recipe is from our cousins at Knaughty Farms Olive Oil Company. These are the lusciously moist and rich olive oil brownies that they often sample at their demos and event booths. Everyone is always pleasantly surprised how deliciously rich these olive oil brownies taste. 

To show the versatility of this high quality California grown and processed oil, we chose to feature the Knaughty Farms Olive Oil Brownie recipe with our Sohnrey Family Foods Walnuts. The olive oil adds a rich buttery flavor that will please even the pickiest eaters. 

Knaughty Farms strives to bring you the best extra virgin olive oil that can be produced and take pride in doing so by making sure that every aspect of their operation is done with excellence from bloom to harvesting at the peek of perfection. Their name and slogan, "The only virgin you need in the kitchen!" shows how much fun they are having with this adventure. Their extra virgin olive oil is great for cooking, baking, and entertaining.