Heirloom Garbanzo Beans by Llano Seco

Llano Seco Ranch

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Estate grown Heirloom Garbanzo Beans from Rancho Llano Seco in Chico, CA.  

Heirloom Beans - California Coast Grown

Our friends at Llano Seco Ranch are well known for raising pigs and producing artisan pork products, but they also farm ancient grains, heirloom beans, and more. This popcorn is one of their heirloom products we offer in our gift shop. 

Total Weight: 16oz Dry Garbanzo Beans

From the Manufacturer:

"Rancho Llano Seco was incorporated in 1861 and has a rich history of balancing agriculture, live stock husbandry and conservation. The Rancho is one of the last Mexican land grant properties that remains intact...In its 6th generation of gentle land stewardship, our family continues to explore and preserve Llano Seco's richness."