Michel Design Works Hand Cream

Sohnrey Family Foods

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Michel hand cream is rich and moisturizing in shea butter and comes in a beautiful, convenient Mini-tube. Tuck it into your pocket, purse, gym bag, or cosmetic case. 

  •   1 fl.oz Tube 


  • Lemon Basil- Scents of lemon and green basil leave
  • Tranquility-  Scents of echinacea 
  • Peony- Scents of flowering pick peonies 
  • Water Lillie's- Scent of bergamot and tea 
  • Lavender Rosemary- Scent of lavender and rosemary 
  • Honey Almond- Scent of honey and almond
  • Papillon- Scent of a floral meadow 
  • Confetti- Scent of lily of the valley 
  • Bouquet- Scent of crisp floral's 
  • Indigo Cotton- Scents of cotton flower and fresh linen 
  • Pink Cactus- Scent of pink cactus 
  • Beach- Scent of a clean sea breeze 


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