Organic Fruit Spread & Marmalade by Just Jan's

Just Jan's

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10 oz Jars
  • Kadota Fig Spread - Kadota Fig Spread by Just Jan's is all natural with no preservatives. Only 8 grams of sugar per serving. This spread is the perfect complement to a cheese platter, or a way to change up your PB&J. 
  • Seedless Raspberry SpreadSeedless Raspberry Spread by Just Jan's is unlike any other. Guaranteed to wow even the most discerning raspberry aficionado.  Great on desserts, cocktails or straight out of the jar with a spoon. 
  • Strawberry SpreadOrganic Strawberry Spread by Just Jan's tastes like biting into a ripe strawberry. This updated take on a classic flavor is destined to be a new, old favorite. Gluten-Free and All Natural.
  • Tangerine MarmaladeTangerine Marmalade by Just Jan's is a unique twist on traditional marmalade. Handmade with less sugar, so the bright citrus flavor of tangerine can shine through. Gluten-Free and All Natural.