Pasta Salad with Almonds and Lemon Olive Oil

Sohnrey Family Foods

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A super easy pasta salad with roasty-toasty Sohnrey Family Foods Almonds and a light Sutter Buttes Lemon Olive Oil dressing. This salad can be made with your favorite type of pasta, whether it be Gluten-Free elbows or traditional farfalle (bow tie) pasta like we used.

Fresh cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cucumber give this salad brilliant color, freshness, and nutritional value, making this a fantastic for Summertime (or Anytime). Sohnrey Family Foods Roasted Salted Almonds give this salad some crunch texture, roasty nutty flavor, and added protein. The almonds and olives give the salad some much needed saltiness--and for that reason, we say "salt to taste" in the instructions.

The Sutter Buttes Lemon Olive Oil keeps this salad simple and light while giving it a naturally rich dressing with a lemon flavor. For a tangy twist, substitute Balsamic Herb Almonds for the Roasted Salted Almonds. You'll get little punch of tangy vinegar, herbs, and slightly sweet flavor to compliment all the other ingredients.