Chocolate Bars by Pipevine Chocolate

Pipevine Chocolate

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Delicious craft chocolate made in small batches. Made with fine flavored cacao beans from around the world, a perfect gift for the chocolate connoisseur. 

Handcrafted in Chico, Ca.  (1.76oz)

**HOT WEATHER AND CHOCOLATES SHIPPING WARNING** -- This is a chocolate product and when the temperature is over 70 degrees there is a risk of chocolate melting. We recommend you purchase our Hot Weather Shipping Add-On that includes an insulated bubble-wrap and ice packs to help reduce the risk of your chocolates melting. 


  • Peru 75%
  • Hiking Coffee 60%
  • Colombia 70%
  • Dominican Republic 65%
  • Meyer Lemon Olive Oil 70%
  • For The Birds 60%
  • Madagascar 75%
  • Guatemala 72%
  • Buttermilk & Almonds 
  • Makers Collection: (1) Hiking Coffee, (1) For The Birds, (1) Madagascar, (1) Meyer Lemon Oil, (1) Buttermilk & Almonds