Pumpkin Dessert Spread with Snickerdoodle Almond Butter

Sohnrey Family Foods

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To Market To Market makes some seriously delicious dip mixes, but we had the nutty idea to add our Snickerdoodle Almond Butter into their Pleasingly Plumpkin Spread. The result was something special, something you want to serve during the Holidays spread onto cookies and cakes. Optionally, amp up the nuts by adding chopped Walnuts for some crunchy texture contrast.

The pumpkin, spices, almond butter, and cream cheese all come together nicely to create a lusciously rich, creamy, and nutty spread. For an easy dessert we used store bought vanilla cookies which were perfect for making little sandwich cookies. This kind of spread would be tasty on crackers, bagels, and toast. It can also be used as a unique layer cake filling, cupcake frosting, and crepe filling.

You can find all the ingredients except the cream cheese for sale on our website.