Salad Basket

Sohnrey Family Foods

$ 110.00 
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Salad lovers will be delighted to receive this lovely variety of fixings to be paired with a fresh garden salad: roasted diced almonds, two flavors of seasoned almonds, natural walnuts, Sutter Buttes Olives, Sutter Buttes Balsamic Vinegar, Sutter Buttes Olive Oil, a themed towel, and a set of wood salad spoons. 

  • 12 oz Walnuts
  • 16 oz Diced Almonds 
  • 3-6 oz Flavored Almonds
  • Sutter Buttes Olives
  • 2 oz Sutter Buttes Balsamic Vinegar
  • 2 oz Sutter Buttes Olive Oil 
  • Naturally Med Set of Salad Spoons
  • Themed Towel 

Gift Basket Policy:

Each basket is hand packed, wrapped, and decorated (using seasonal colors)--so the look of each basket or color of ribbon may vary.

All gift basket pricing includes a fee for basket materials and assembly, as well as special shipping/handling requirements. Substitutions for contents of basket may be made ONLY between flavors of same product (e.g. peach jam instead of strawberry jam) and MUST be included in special instructions at checkout.

** We reserve the right to swap a product of like kind and equal or greater value if we are out of stock on a particular item.

All glass products may be wrapped in protective wrapping to help prevent breakage.

The basket itself may be slightly different than shown in the picture but will be in like kind.