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Bertagna Red Walnuts

$ 10.99 

Red Walnuts are a specialty English walnut variety, featuring a deep, dark red color and rich, nutty flavor.  Packed with omega-3, these nutrient-rich walnuts are an excellent addition to your diet.  Perfect for tossing with any salad and can be used to replace regular walnuts for added color.  With a rich, buttery taste, red English walnuts are a fantastic and unique California Grown walnut that you can use to wow your guests while adding flavor, color, protein, and texture to your dish. 

From the Bertagna Nut Company:

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Nancy Ellison (Chico, CA)

Love these walnuts! Absolutely delicious and not as acidic as other varieties. They are all I use!

Thank you for your positive feedback on the Bertagna Red Walnuts! We are thrilled to hear that you love their delicious taste and lower acidity compared to other varieties. We are glad to know that they are your go-to choice. Thank you for choosing Bertagna Red Walnuts at Sohnrey Family Foods!

Cynthia Pasant

Walnuts were outstanding!

Laurie Aaron

It's so hard to find the red walnuts and they are my favorites. Less acidic than the regular kind. Well packaged and so few broken pieces.

Cindy z
Great taste

I always get bertagna red walnut from central market in Texas. It has great texture and taste. Can’t wait to try another produce from the farm.

Latha V Iyengar

good product