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Through five generations of farmers, our philosophy has been: Integrity, Quality, and Family. That same philosophy powers our food products. We work hard and we take great pride in producing high-quality crops of almonds, rice, prunes, and walnuts. Many of our crops are exported around the world, but we’re rooted deep into the heart of Northern California


Our family believes in being good stewards of the land while we grow healthy, quality crops to feed the world. Over the last two years we have constructed two large solar panel systems to generate renewable energy for both our farm and the food manufacturing facility we operate. We’re proud to say the sun powers our food products from the tree to the package.

Sohnrey Family Farm Solar Power Systems

One of two large solar systems we've constructed on our farm.


We recognize the importance of new technology to help us do things like reduce our water usage by using drones and orchard moisture sensors to precisely determine when to water crops or how much water to use. We utilize a variety of best practices on our farm, such as integrated pest management. IPM is a strategy that considers the ecosystem of a farm and enables long-term prevention of pests using a variety of methods such as biological controls, habitat controls, and planting pest resistant varieties of crops.

Sohnrey Family Farm and Wetland Habitat

Warming ponds on our land provide wetland habitat for wildlife and warm irrigation water before we use it on our rice fields.   


Our lands are not only for us. By flooding our rice fields after harvest we provide crucial habitat for the mass migration of waterfowl that travels across California from Canada to South America. Every year, tens of thousands of birds land in our fields for a pit stop on their long journey. In return, the ducks, geese, swans, cranes, and other birds help us by aiding decomposition of rice straw and replenishing our soils to fertilize the next years crop.


Sohnrey Family Raw Almonds


The food that comes from the land we manage is just as important to us. We pride ourselves in producing top-quality crops to use in our products. Two major differences that set us apart from other food companies are that we only use the most recent years harvest in our almond products and all the almonds we use are Steam-Pasteurized. Almonds are well recognized for having a very long shelf life, but we start with the freshest possible ingredient and pass that benefit onto you by cutting out the middle man. Steam pasteurization is the safest, cleanest, and most natural way to pasteurize almonds for consumers.

Sohnrey Family Foods Bold Flavored Almonds



We recognize the importance of consumer demands for clean, safe, natural foods and transparency with the companies that make that food. We are proud to offer many products that do not contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavors, and many of the other additives found in highly processed foods. Many of our products are gluten-free, protein-packed, and naturally flavored.


All our product recipes and flavors were created by our family. We’ve sourced premium spices and other ingredients to help craft our own food product line of boldly flavored snack almonds and artisan almond butters. We further expanded our product line to offer packaged rice, walnuts, honey, and assorted candied almonds.

Sohnrey Family Manufacturing Facility and Gift Shop

Our food manufacturing facility and adjoining gift shop located off HWY 99.


Selection of Northern California Wines


At our food manufacturing facility in Oroville, CA we operate an adjoining gift shop where we offer product tastings, gift basket services, a selection of local wines, special events and many fine products from across Northern California. The Sohnrey Family Foods Gift Shop is one of many popular stops on Sierra Oro Farm Trail. Visit their site, plan a food tour of Butte County, and make sure you stop by our store.


We get lots of visitors-travelers, commuters, and locals-who all appreciate our fine selection of local food and wine. Our friendly and attentive staff create custom gourmet gift baskets, help select wines, and offer visitors samples of all our roasted almond snacks and almond butters.

You can find our products at our Gift Shop, on our website and in many fine grocery stores across Northern California. From our farm to your table, we hope you enjoy our foods!

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