Always Apricot (9.5oz) by Mountain Fruit Co.

Mountain Fruit Company

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Always Apricot is a jam packed full of fresh cooked down Apricots. Always Apricot, All the Time! It is excellent on English muffins, pancakes and toast! 

Our friends at Mountain Fruit Company are pumping out some serious jams that remind us of Grandmas homemade fruit spreads. Mountain Fruit Co. spreads are thick with ripe flavorful fruit cooked down with reduced amounts of sugar compared to most jams. We think you'll be hard pressed to find better quality natural fruit spreads with unique flavors and at reasonable prices.

Mountain Fruit Company fruit spreads are the perfect accompaniment to our Sohnrey Family Foods Natural Almond Butter. Together they make the perfect gift or the perfect sandwich! 

Ingredients: Apricots, Added Sugars, Fruit Pectin and Fumaric Acid (for the jamming process).

  • One 9.5 oz Jar

    Customer Reviews

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    Tom Perilstein

    Tastes Great

    Deb C.
    Like eating dessert!

    The Mountain Fruit Always Apricot Fruit Spread is amazing! It is the most delicious jam I have ever eaten! It is good on toasted bread, ice cream, and even by itself! It is fabulous!

    Nabil Hanna

    I love Apricot Jam. I have tried many different brands. This is by far the best.


    Best apricot jam made. Nothing else compares.

    John Meade

    Excellent. Always looking for a product with lower sugar content and no sugar substitutes.