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Welcome to Kiki's Cupboard! Here you will find all the magnificent spices Kiki has to offer!

Kiki's Cupboard is a Northern California brand created by the Sohnrey Family and inspired by Grandma Caralee Sohnrey's kitchen cupboard. Her love of cooking for our family helped inspire the new generation of home cooks that created the seasoned almonds and almond butters for Sohnrey Family Foods. We source and package premium spices, blends and mixes to fill your cupboard and inspire your cooking!  

  • Chipotle Chili Powde
  • Ground Dried Italian Basil 
  • Ground Oregano Mediterranean oregano, not to be confused with Mexican oregano. Two different plants with different flavor. This oregano is ground so you don't have to rub it between your fingers. 
  • Ground ThymeThis thyme is ground so you don't have to rub it between your fingers. The uniform grind means this will blend well into soups, sauces, sausages, and other fantastic foods that don't start with the letter S! 
  • Jalapeno Chili Powder - All natural; made from dried and ground Jalapeno chili peppers. This is a mean green chili powder that is medium-hot with earthy flavor. Perfect for spicing up your cheese and macaroni! Adds spicy heat and depth of flavor to dry rubs! Mix with mayo for an awesome burger spread! Sprinkle on popcorn for some extra pop! Taco seasoning! Create homemade hot sauce and spicy nacho cheese sauce! The possibilities are endless!
  • Korintje Supreme Cinnamon - High quality cinnamon with high volatile oil (VO) content. The volatile oils found in cinnamon are what give off the spicy aromatic scent and flavor that we all love. Use in all your favorite baked goods and recipes.
  • New Mexico Chili Powder - A blend of various dried and ground New Mexico Chilis. This is a medium heat level red chili and appropriate for the nearly endless variety of recipes calling for chili powder--everything from enchilada sauce, to taco seasoning, to spicy dry rubs, homemade barbecue sauces, and beyond.
    • Originating from the Pueblo and Hispano communities throughout the New Mexico territory, the modern day New Mexico Chilis are essentially a group of elongated chili pepper varieties that were bred by horticulturists at New Mexico State University. These are common varieties such as Sandia, Big Jim, Rio Grande, and many others. Anaheim is another variety originally brought from New Mexico to be grown commercially in the Anaheim area and thus earned the common name there. 
  • Roasted Garlic Powder 
  • Roasted Onion Powder 
  • Tomato Powder - Bright with intense tomato flavor! Perfect for adding extra tomato flavor to your favorite dishes without adding extra water that you have to cook down. It is essentially a powdered tomato paste and if you mix it with water you can easily create perfect tomato paste that is as thick or as thin of a consistency as you like.  

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Cherylin Norton

Wonderfully fresh and aromatic… Flavorful. Some of the best herbs I have had other than what I’ve grown myself.

Cornelia Steinberg

I’m using and thrilled to say that these seasonings are amazing. Can’t get them all year so be sure to stick up now!

Makes Easy Tomato Paste

I bought the Tomato Powder and its easy to make just a little tomato paste with some water instead of opening a whole can of paste. Tomato flavor is good and strong, but I add a little salt and sugar. I just wish they sold a bigger size.