Sunsweet Probiotic + Amaz!n Prunes (Elderberry Flavor)


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Sunsweet Probiotic + Prunes are infused with natural elderberry flavor for a naturally sweet fruity treat with added probiotics to help maintain healthy guts!  Prebiotic fiber naturally contained in the prunes, along with added probiotics, and an infusion of fruity natural elderberry flavor, make this a win-win-win healthy snack! 

From the Manufacturer:

Prunes that support your digestive AND immune wellness? Sounds like a great snack to us. With BC30 Probiotics and prebiotic fiber, our gut health-nourishing Probiotic+ Prunes are here to give you a whole lot more to Feel Good about. Plus there’s some extra juicy Elderberry flavor to keep you coming back for more.

Did you know we grow prunes too? The Sohnrey Family have been Sunsweet prune growers for many years. Sweet, chewy prunes make perfect snacking friends with roasted, crunchy almonds.

Ingredients: Pitted Prunes (Dried Plums), Natural Flavor, Bacillus Coaguluns GBI-30 8088, Potassium Sorbate (As a Preservative).