How Many Types of Meat Can Be Made Into Jerky?

How Many Types of Meat Can Be Made Into Jerky?

Beef jerky is the most common type of jerky, but how many types of meat can be made into jerky? You can make any lean meat into jerky, with the only exception being some poultry because of the texture and flavor of the finished product. Even if you’re a jerky lover, there’s a good chance you haven’t tried them all.

Explore all the different versions of jerky you can try!


Alligator jerky is becoming a popular snack in some Southern states, but that’s not surprising considering you can get alligator meat in gumbo and other Southern dishes. It makes for a good source of jerky because the meat is lean and has plenty of monounsaturated fats, but high in protein and low in saturated fats.


Andean cultures have eaten alpaca meat for thousands of years and it’s one of the most healthy and flavorful meats in the world. It has less calories and fat than pork and chicken. If you love jerky but want to watch your sodium intake, alpaca meat also has less sodium than other jerkies.


Like alpaca meat, buffalo jerky will be free from growth hormones and steroids. Again, it’s a lean meat, and you can find buffalo, or bison, jerky in a range of the usual jerky flavors: teriyaki, spicy, and black pepper, among others.


Duck jerky is a jerky option, too, despite falling under the poultry category. Duck has a higher fat content than other birds that lends itself to flavorful meat. Duck jerky has a slightly sweet taste that grows more distinct next to a spicy element like black pepper.


Elk jerky will give you an iron boost alongside a unique flavor that is reminiscent of beef but gamey. Top round, which is the inner leg of an animal, is the best cut to use to make elk jerky. To make elk jerky, cooks season the meat with soy sauce powder, brown sugar, garlic, and then cured in hickory smoke.


Did you know that fish is also a jerky? Some fish species, like Ahi tuna, Rainbow trout, salmon, and shark, make excellent jerky. Fish jerky can add omega 3 fatty acids to your diet, something other jerkies can’t offer. Fish jerky requires brining overnight and then cold smoking and is then ready for eating or taking along on a hike.


Another jerky option that gives you access to those important omega 3 fatty acids is kangaroo. Even though the meat is lean, it’s considered a red meat and is also a great source for iron. You can find kangaroo jerky in a mild pepper flavor that highlights its unique taste.

Beef Jerky

How many types of meat can be made into jerky? It turns out, quite a few. You can also find varieties like ostrich, boar, and even snake. Beef jerky is the most common and versatile, which makes it great for absorbing whatever flavors the jerky maker decides to marinate it in.

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