8-Pack Variety of 1.5 oz Roasted and Flavored Almonds

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Nutty announcement! Please read carefully:  One of our best seller's on Amazon!

What better way to try our flavors?!  We guarantee you'll be satisfied or your money back.  Seriously, what do you have to lose. 

We have spent hundreds of hours coming up with these flavors with our cousin, the mad "flavologist", Cyrus!  We know that once you try these, you'll be back for more. 

Give this "nutty" farming family a shot!  Honestly, we're nuts for giving you this good a deal. 

Hurry, before we change our minds.  Did we mention that there'll be a coupon in your order to save big on your favorite flavors next time?  There may even be a good joke on the back of the coupon. Wink wink.

P.S. We aren't marketing geniuses but we are good at growing and flavoring almonds, so really, put them in your cart and we can all be "nuts" together.

This variety pack includes eight individual 1.5 oz snack packages of:

  • Balsamic Herb Tangy, salty, with herbs. One of our lighter flavors.
  • Smokey Jalapeno Savory and smokey with a good kick of jalapeno! Our most popular almond snack!
  • Mesquite Smoked The Classic roasted almond snack. Smokey, salty, and savory to compliment the roasted nuttiness. 

We roast and season our almonds in small batches. There's 5g of protein in every serving and they are gluten-free.

Do what most people do and buy a few 8 packs to share with the rest of your nutty family!

All the almonds we use in our food products are grown our family farm. We only use the most recent years harvest of almonds, so you are buying the freshest possible almonds on the market. All the almonds we use in our products are steam pasteurized, for a naturally clean and safe food.

Know you don't want one of the flavors?  Leave us a note and we'll sub another flavor that you want of the same size 1.5 oz seasoned almonds. 

Ok... Enough "crazy" marketing already.  Just try them, please!

See how we didn't use "nutty" there?


    For Nutritional Facts data and ingredient statements please refer to photos.

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