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Knaughty Farms Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$ 15.99 

Knaughty Farms Olive Oil


Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Knaughty Farms is Cold Pressed and California grown. Our amazing cousins the Kennedy Family in the local neighboring county of Glenn, CA grow the olives and produce this premium extra virgin olive oil. We're thrilled to have this available and we think you will find this to be top-quality 100% extra virgin California olive oil! 

*The only Virgin you need in the kitchen.*

100% California Grown

16.9 FL OZ/ 500 mL Bottles

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nena C. (New York, NY)
Delicious extra virgin olive oil!

My favorite olive oil! Very tasty! I love it on almost everything! (And I like supporting a CA grower)

Hi there! Thank you for leaving such a lovely review for our Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We're so happy to hear that it's your favorite and that you enjoy it on almost everything! We appreciate your support for our California grower. Thanks again for your feedback. Happy cooking!

Robyn Parker

I'm so happy y'all make this olive oil!!! Y'all really know what y'all are doing!!! It has the BEST taste of any other oils I've tried! Please keep making more!!! Happy Holidays


The product seems great but I had a terrible time opening it. The ring that the lid is suppose to break away from kept turning with the lid. I finally had to get a knife and cut it away from the lid. The lid is different than any I have had before. You must push down to engage the plastic and then **** it on.

Robyn Parker
Good to the last drop!!!

I am placing another order of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, I really Love It!!! It really does tastes Good to the last drop!!! My family has tasted it and now I can't keep enough of it on hand!! Keep making it, Please!!

Shawn Cahill

Love this product!