Daddy's Got Dirt Children's Book

Matthew Sligar

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Daddy's Got Dirt: A California Rice Story


Written by a great friend of the Sohnrey Family, Matthew Sligar!  In fact, Sohnrey Family Foods helped to sponsor the book.  This is an amazing book for your kids or grandkids that will help teach them where their food comes from!  

Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! the harvester roars.
“Climb on in!” Daddy yells from the door.

Ah yes, climb on in and learn all about how rice is grown on this family farm. Follow Daddy and his daughter in this authentic adventure in agriculture and spark your child's interest in where food comes from!

Author Biography

Matthew Sligar is a third-generation rice farmer in northern California. After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, with a BA in Modern American Literature, Sligar moved to Prague, Czech Republic where he lived for six years. In 2012 he decided to help continue his family's rice farming legacy and moved back to the fields.

Soon after returning home Sligar felt the desire to exercise his creativity and began Rice Farming TV, a weekly video-blog depicting how rice is grown in California. One fall during harvest, as Sligar was cutting rice in his combine, he became inspired to write his debut children's book titled "Daddy's Got Dirt: A California Rice Story."

Sligar is married with two daughters.

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David Albers

wonderful, fun book.