Honey Straws 12 Pack

Sohnrey Family Foods

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Honey Straws are the perfect way to sample different types of honey.
Try our 12 Pack of straws to share, give as a sweet gift or enjoy for yourself. Each straw is excellent as a single serving sweetener for tea and coffee or just a sweet treat. Keep some in your purse or vehicle--perfect for for traveling, hiking, camping and more! Just cut, squeeze and enjoy!


Kids love these all natural, sweet treats! It's fun for them to learn about the marvelous honey bee and all the flowers where honey comes from! 


Choose from five unique honey varietals in the drop down menu:
  • Clover Honey Straws
  • Meadowfoam Honey Straws 
  • Orange Blossom Honey Straws
  • Wildflower Honey Straws
  • Yellow Star Thistle Honey Straws

Ingredients: Honey

From California and Local Regional USA Sources