Original Paradise Pepper Sauce By Brannen Gourmet

Brannen Gourmet

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Our local friends at Brannen Gourmet have an excellent lineup of unique, sweet and spicy sauces. The Brannen Gourmet line of Paradise Pepper Sauces feature different fruits and peppers. Each unique sauce has its own blend of rich, fruity complex flavors and levels of heat. Try them all and find your new favorite glaze! 

  • From the manufacturer Brannen Gourmet:
  • Original Paradise Pepper Sauce - A savory, sweet and spicy masterpiece of red and yellow California bell peppers, Blenheim apricots and a hint of habanero. Brings out the most satisfying flavors of poultry, fish, pork, beef, wild game, vegetables, BBQ and stir fry. Slather generously over ribs, glaze seafood or pour over brie. 
  • Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Yellow and Red Bell Peppers, Dried Apricots (Preserved with Sulfur Dioxide to Maintain Freshness), Habañero Peppers, Pectin.

    Refrigerate after opening.

  • Net Wt 10.5 oz