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Sea Salt Caramels by Kindred Caramels

$ 9.99 

Treat yourself to Sea Salt Caramels by Kindred Caramels, a family-crafted treat made with the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Handmade with love, these soft and irresistible caramels are sure to satisfy any craving. Just one taste and you'll agree - they're definitely worth it!


Ingredients: Pure Cane Sugar, Heavy Whipping Cream (heavy cream, less than 5% mono and diglycerides, polysorbate 80, carrageenan), light corn syrup (light corn syrup, salt, vanilla), evaporated milk (milk, dipotassium phosphate, carrageenan, vitamin D3), butter, vanilla extract, sea salt


**HOT WEATHER SHIPPING WARNING - MELTABLE PRODUCT** -- This is a caramel product and when the temperature is over 75 degrees there is a risk of caramels melting. We recommend you purchase our Hot Weather Shipping Add-On that includes insulated bubble-wrap and ice packs to help reduce the risk of melting. When temperatures are over 90 degrees caramels may melt even with ice packs, so we also recommend purchasing express 1-Day or Overnight shipping. All orders with caramels or other meltable products placed on a Thursday or Friday will be held over the weekend to be shipped on Monday to reduce the risk of products melting if a package sits in a shipping warehouse over a weekend. During extreme heat weather we may hold an order overnight to freeze products prior to shipping.