Solar Powered Nuts

What do our almond trees and our food manufacturing facility have in common (besides the nuts)? They're both solar powered!

That's right folks, our beautiful almond trees are grown with sunshine and our delicious almond snacks are produced with solar energy! We are excited to be one of the few family farms and small businesses to implement renewable energy projects. This decision is both good for the environment and for our business.

Elite Solar of Chico, CA has helped us construct two solar panel projects that are both situated on our farm. These two large sets of solar panels will provide up to 90% of the power needed for the Sohnrey Farm, for the Sohnrey Family Foods manufacturing facility, and for our retail gift shop.

Using renewable energy is one big step that our business is taking to foster sustainable practices and manufacturing efficiency. From our farm to your table, go green with us!

Pictured Above: One of the two solar panel projects on our ranch. This one is situated near our food manufacturing facility and gift shop. 

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