Reasons To Buy Produce Directly From a Farmer

Reasons To Buy Produce Directly From a Farmer

The fruits and vegetables you’re buying might not be as fresh as you think they are. In fact, the produce we buy from supermarket chains is typically old. After being treated and stored in warehouses until it is shipped out all over the country, produce can sit for weeks or months before consumers purchase it. These items lose nutrients the longer they sit, so if you’re buying fruits and veggies for their health benefits, you’re losing out.

But there’s a better way—buy fresh produce locally. Explore the health benefits and other reasons to buy produce directly from a farmer.

More Nutrients

When you buy produce directly from a farmer, you’re buying more nutrients. The longer a fruit or vegetable sits, the more nutrients it loses. Farmers harvest crops at their peak and then sell them to consumers days later, usually at farmers markets or even directly on the farm. They are also more likely to be organic, reducing your exposure to chemicals.

Local Economy

Your community benefits when you buy produce from farmers near you. When farmers sell directly to consumers, they cut out costs from distributors and collect the entire profit. The farm can use those wider profit margins to hire more employees from the community, putting more money into the local economy. Farmers also contribute more to taxes than developed communities; more taxes mean more finances available for local resources like schools and roads.

Preserves Ecosystems

Because they take land away from developers, local farms help to foster a healthy ecosystem. Small farms can plant many different types of crops that larger farms wouldn’t be able to support because of harvesting and shipping demands. With a greater variety of produce, farmers may have a longer harvest season.

Investing in your local farms also helps keep those farmers on their land, which helps to prevent food scarcity in the future. With these reasons to buy produce directly from a farmer, find a local farm near you to support. You can also buy rice online from Sohnrey Family Foods to supplement your farm-fresh produce!

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