The Significance of Jordan Almonds and Weddings

The Significance of Jordan Almonds and Weddings

Jordan almonds are a familiar presence at Greek and Italian weddings. They are almonds covered in a sugar coating, typically with a white shell. The tradition of Jordan almonds in weddings dates back to the Middle Ages. Ancient Romans used these tiny candies to celebrate special occasions such as weddings and births. But Jordan almonds are a mainstay, specifically at weddings. Explore the significance of Jordan almonds and weddings to learn more about this tiny treat that packs a powerful meaning.


Jordan almonds are given out at weddings all over the world and have been for years. The bitterness of the almonds themselves represents the trials and tribulations of life, while the sugar coating represents the hope that the married couple will embark on their new life together with sweetness.

Jordan almonds are used on other life-changing occasions, including births, engagements, and graduations. The color of the shell can vary depending on the celebration, but white is traditionally reserved for weddings.

The egg shape of the almond represents fertility and the hope that the newly married couple will have children. You’ll often see Jordan almonds in groups of five, as they are meant to represent these five wishes:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Fertility
  • Long life

Greek Weddings

When celebrating Greek weddings, Jordan almonds are called koufeta. They are given as favors only in odd numbers. The odd numbers are to symbolize that the newlyweds will share everything and remain united.

Traditional says that if an unmarried woman sleeps with the koufeta under her pillow, she’ll dream of her future husband.

Italian Weddings

At Italian weddings, the Jordan almonds are packaged in groups of five to symbolize the five wishes listed above. They are given out as party favors and placed at each guest’s place setting. Jordan almonds are placed in decorative boxes or in bags made of tulle called bomboniere. Typically, they are personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date to commemorate the occasion.

The significance of Jordan almonds and weddings is steeped in tradition that crosses different cultures and spans hundreds of years. When you’re planning your wedding or special event, buy Jordan almonds online from Sohnrey Family Foods to make your day extra special!

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  • C Korcz - April 10, 2024

    I had Jordan almonds today after a long time of not having them. I remember the candy from family weddings when I was kid.

  • Nancy Ozmon - December 02, 2023

    White Almonds were DELICIOUS today at a wedding I attended! Thank you 🙏🏻

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