How to Properly Store Nuts for Maximum Freshness

How to Properly Store Nuts for Maximum Freshness

Nuts are a common pantry item, but did you know they can go stale? Most nuts have a high oil content from their unsaturated fats. While unsaturated fat is good for people, it’s delicate and can decompose faster than we think.

When we expose nuts to light, heat, or oxygen, they lose their fresh taste and become more bitter. But you can prevent this! Learn how to properly store nuts for maximum freshness to keep almonds and other nuts tasty.

Buy Raw Nuts

You can start things off on a good foot by buying bulk raw nuts online. Raw nuts stay fresh longer than chopped or roasted kinds. Why? When companies chop or toast nuts like almonds, pecans, or walnuts, they release their oils. Then, the oils come into contact with more oxygen, making them age faster.

If you prefer roasted nuts, you can easily roast them at home with your oven.

Buy Fresh

Try to buy nuts fresh whenever you can. Bulk bins at the market are great resources. They have quicker turnarounds than the packaged varieties sitting on the shelves. This is because the store often restocks them.

Seal Them

Whether you bring nuts home in bulk bin bags or buy them pre-packaged, you should transfer them into airtight containers. You don’t have to find special containers, either. Mason jars or old takeout containers will do just fine. Sealing prevents air and odors from coming in, which nuts easily absorb.


If you’re planning to use the nuts within a short time frame, storing them in the pantry is fine. They’ll last at room temperature for a few months. But if you buy nuts in bulk or don't plan on using them for a long time, store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Keeping them at a consistent temperature keeps them safe from the highs and lows of your kitchen climate.

When you safely store them in your fridge or freezer, nuts will keep for at least six months to a year.

Understanding how to properly store nuts for maximum freshness can make all your dishes taste that much better. Explore all the delicious foods we offer at Sohnrey Family Foods!

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