Key Tips for Baking With Different Types of Nuts

Key Tips for Baking With Different Types of Nuts

The little kernels we call nuts can entirely transform your culinary skills. Moreover, each type of nut offers a distinctive flavor and texture that will enhance your recipes in a myriad of different ways. Regardless, you must be aware of the differences between the different types of nuts and how you should prepare each one before use. You might also benefit from knowing which type of nut goes best with certain meals. Without further ado, let’s learn some key tips for baking with different types of nuts!


Growing almonds as one of our main crops and offering our bulk almonds online, we are a bit partial to this one, but it's true almonds are a wonderful addition to any baked recipe. Almonds are known for their versatility and subtle taste. Apart from making the renowned almond milk, you can also grind the nut to get almond meal or flour, which you can then add to other baked goods for a nutty flavor, or to increase protein and fiber content.

People who are allergic to gluten will enjoy this fine alternative to regular wheat flour. To make almond meal you will want to pulse your almonds in a food processor until finely ground, but don't grind them too much or you will end up with almond butter! 

To attain a uniform texture, color, and smoother taste, you will want to remove their skins you will want to "blanching" your almonds before grinding. It's easy to blanch a cup or two of almonds by boiling the almonds for about one minute and rinsing them in cool water. The skins should pop-off easily between your fingers.


This Christmas staple is an excellent complement to cakes and cookies due to its buttery taste, which pairs perfectly with other ingredients. Be mindful that walnuts cook more quickly than other types of nuts due to their high oil content, so it’s best to add them to cooked dishes raw. When toasting or roasting walnuts use lower heat for less time than you would almonds. Buy the raw walnuts online for your next baked recipe.


Who can resist a delicious slice of Southern pecan pie for Thanksgiving? Apart from their outstanding nutritional value, pecans produce some of the best pies in the baking industry. This is due to their brittleness and the toasty, crunchy consistency they acquire when they finish baking. But you don’t have to save pecan pies for just one holiday; you can purchase pecan nuts for sale and make a pie whenever you’re craving a tasty dessert!

These key tips for baking with different types of nuts will help you understand how to make the most of your desserts by switching up traditional flavors.

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