Top Reasons To Support Small Farmers

Top Reasons To Support Small Farmers

Buying groceries from chain grocery stores and online corporate giants has been the norm for decades now. They can offer low costs and convenience that small farmers often provide. However, purchasing food from small farms can be advantageous for many reasons. When you buy from small farms, you contribute to your local economy, protect the ecosystem, and aid your health. Here are the top reasons to support small farmers.

Better for You

Supporting small farmers means giving yourself healthier food options. When you buy food from a local farmer, you can ask how it was grown or raised. Typically, small farmers use fewer chemicals and care for their livestock better by not overcrowding or using hormone injections.

Food from local farms is also typically more flavorful. Produce is harvested at its peak, and items such as cheese are handmade. Also, since the food isn’t shipped over long distances, it will retain more nutrients.

Environmentally Friendly

Small farms are exceptionally environmentally friendly. Local farming props up ecosystems, as it often produces more crops with extended harvest seasons, creating more genetic diversity. When you buy food from small farmers, you also preserve farmland that would otherwise be developed. These open spaces help local wildlife and foliage flourish. Farms create fertile soil and protect water sources, as they encompass meadows, woods, and ponds. A farm protects wildlife habitats. They’re integral parts of our local ecosystems.

Community Benefits

One of the top reasons to support small farmers is that it benefits the community. The wholesale prices go straight to farmers’ families rather than to distributors. Farms also contribute more to local taxes than developed communities: sheep don’t attend school, and peanuts will never need an ambulance. Farmer’s markets also foster cohesiveness among neighbors.

When you purchase food from local farmers, you’re doing so much more than buying groceries. You’re building up your community and your environment; you’re investing in your future. Buy natural foods online at Sohnrey Family Foods and support small farmers!

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