Uncovering the Many Nutritional Benefits of Beef Jerky

Uncovering the Many Nutritional Benefits of Beef Jerky

We all know that beef jerky is a delicious snack food, but how about nutritious? Beef jerky is a low-calorie, high-protein food with a ton of nutrients such as zinc and iron, and it can be a great snack when eaten in moderation. Drying and curing marinated cuts of lean beef that are low in fat and carbohydrates produces beef jerky, making it a convenient snack.

In this blog, we uncover the many nutritional benefits of beef jerky and how to choose a jerky that errs on the healthier side.

Benefits of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky packs a lot of protein, making it a great choice for a snack that will fill you up without leaving you feeling stuffed. Foods with a high protein content help us feel fuller faster, and they can increase muscle mass and help us lose weight, especially belly fat. Plus, beef jerky is high in iron and minerals, which regulate crucial bodily functions such as increasing energy and focus and strengthening the immune system. This salty little snack is convenient, so it’s an easy way to add more protein and iron to your diet.

But beware—you’ll need to examine the nutritional contents to make sure you’re choosing a healthier jerky.

How To Choose Healthy Beef Jerky

The curing process adds sodium to beef jerky, which is a big part of its appeal, but you’ll want to read labels carefully to find jerky that’s healthier. You’ll want to choose a jerky that doesn’t have nitrates as a preservative, since they’re carcinogens. And a beef jerky that lists its source as grass fed, organic, or premium cuts of beef is ideal, too. The better the cut of beef, the more nutrients the jerky will provide.

Buy Beef Jerky Online

Uncovering the nutritional benefits of beef jerky only requires choosing jerky made from quality ingredients. You can order jerky online with Sohnrey Family Foods; just be sure to explore all our products, including candy almonds and jams, as well!

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