Why Steam Pasteurized Almonds Are Better For You

Why Steam Pasteurized Almonds Are Better For You

Almonds are well-known as nutrient-packed snacks. Like all foods regulated by the FDA, farmers must treat almonds with a sterilization treatment called pasteurization. Pasteurization is the sterilization of food that prevents illnesses such as salmonella. Almonds must be pasteurized before being passed onto the consumer due to a California law that was enacted in 2007. But how do farmers safely pasteurize the food that gets passed on to you?

Learn more about why steam pasteurized almonds are better for you.

Steam Pasteurization vs. PPO

Farmers can choose between a steam or chemical process to safely treat almonds. The chemical method called propylene oxide (PPO) is FDA approved, but reports from the EPA indicate health problems can arise from ingesting high amounts of PPO.

Steam pasteurization ensures that the almonds are treated naturally and reduces your exposure to chemicals.


If chemicals are involved, why would a farmer choose PPO to pasteurize their almonds? They might use chemical pasteurization to save time. Steam pasteurization can take nine hours to make almonds safe for human consumption.

For the consumer, it’s hard to distinguish between steam and chemical pasteurization. As far as it affects the nutrients that almonds offer, there is almost no difference between pasteurized and non-pasteurized almonds.

Roasted vs. Raw

When comparing roasted versus raw almonds, there is very little difference in the vitamins and minerals they offer. Roasted nuts do lose some moisture due to the roasting process and some of the fat content.

The only health concern for roasted nuts is the loss of healthy fats due to high temperatures. High roasting temperatures for extended periods cause cells to oxidize. If you’re looking for an almond that offers the most nutrients, choosing raw almonds that have been steam pasteurized is the best choice for you.

Now that you know why steam pasteurized almonds are better for you, you can easily select the best nuts. Find natural nuts like bulk roasted salted almonds for sale at Sohnrey Family Foods!

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  • Darrell - February 02, 2023

    Are steam pasteurized almonds better for breaking down lectins on the surface.

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