New Product: Chocolate Almond Butter

Chocolate Almond Butter from Sohnrey Family Foods

Need a chocolate fix? Sohnrey Family Foods has added a third flavor to our premium almond butter lineup: CHOCOLATE! 

Our Chocolate Almond Butter is made with rich, dark cocoa, sugar, expeller pressed safflower oil, organic chocolate flavor and a little salt. This chocolate nut butter is sweet, but not too sweet like some of the "chocolate spreads" on the market--so much sweetener and palm oil in them that they can't even call them nut butters! The main ingredient in our butters is almonds so you know you're getting a real, wholesome nut butter packed with protein! 

We love this nut butter spread between good you'd swear it was a sandwich cookie! Like our other nut butters, Chocolate Almond Butter is perfect for homemade bread, pretzels, waffles, apples, celery, cookie recipes, and so much more...or as many of our customers like to say, "All you really need is a spoon!"

As with the rest of our premium nut butters, our Chocolate Almond Butter is palm oil free and made in small batches.

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