Quick and Easy Camping Meals You Can Make With Jerky

Quick and Easy Camping Meals You Can Make With Jerky

Camping is a great way to decompress and reconnect with nature to reset yourself. And the last thing you want to do after hiking all day is to cook a full meal, even though you might be starving.

Beef jerky is an easy way to incorporate much-needed protein after a day of exploring the wilderness. Even though we often think of beef jerky only as a snack, it can be a great addition to dinners. Keep these quick and easy camping meals you can make with jerky in mind for your next trip.

Instant Noodles

Any instant noodles, such as mac and cheese or ramen, are great for camping because they’re easy to prepare and take up very little space. After boiling water to make noodles, you can cut up beef jerky and add it to the water to soften the meat while adding flavor to the noodles.

A teriyaki flavor goes excellent with ramen noodles, while a smoked jerky is excellent with mac and cheese.

Baked Potatoes

Even though baked potatoes might take a little longer to cook on the fire than noodles, they make for a mostly hands-off dinner. Cut a hole in the center of a potato and fill it with any flavor of beef jerky you’d like.

Wrap the potato in aluminum foil and place it in the fire for 20 minutes. While it cooks, the jerky seasoning will seep into the potato, giving it tons of flavor.


Don’t forget about breakfast! Cut up some jerky and toss it in a pan with scrambled eggs to give yourself a protein boost before heading out for the day. You can also add some veggies! If you have leftover potatoes from the night before, you can cut them up and create a quick breakfast hash along with the eggs.


Do you want to amplify the deliciousness of your beef jerky? Turn them into nachos! Again, you can soften the jerky in boiling water. If it isn’t too chewy, cut it up and place it over tortillas chips, along with melted cheese, salsa, and beans.

Beef jerky is a versatile food that will make any camping meal more filling. What other quick and easy camping meals you can make with jerky come to mind? Don’t be afraid to get creative! You can order jerky online at Sohnrey Family Foods before your next vacation.

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